Lottery Rules

TakeItOffCanada’s Lotto Max Contest Rules:

1) You must be a resident of Canada, 18 years or older at time of entry.

2) You must be a fan of TakeItOffCanada at:

3) You must “like” and “share” the Photo of the Ticket/Prize(s) being offered. (You must also continue to “Like” & “Share” until the Winners have been announced and validated).

4) All Participates must Complete there Entry’s by 11PM(EST) on the day of the Draw, of the date printed on the ticket.

5) Only 1 entry(share) per person allowed during each promotion.

Not following All of the above rules will get you disqualified from the Contest.

Only the Jackpot (Matching all 7 numbers) will be shared among the valid participants of 1 Million Dollars and above (this does include the extra Max Millions Draws when applicable). All Winnings below this amount will be put into the pool for future Lottery Draws.

This is totally FREE to Join and Play, hope you all Enjoy!

We will announce the winner(s) as soon Possible. Unless otherwise announced, all declared winners are final.

The winner(s) will be notified on our Facebook fan page wall. They also will be asked to email us a valid home or business address in order to deliver the prize(s). Failure to do so within 7 days makes the winning entry null and void from the contest.

This promotion is not affiliated, sponsored, or endorsed by Facebook. You understand you are providing your information to TakeItOffCanada and not Facebook.

TakeItOffCanada reserves the rights to modify the rules as required.

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